Company History


1967Established company;began production of FUZZY Pedal Steel Guitars.
1970Moved to Tachikawa City;began exporting.
1971Developed original headless model;named EXCEL.
1974Received first order from ShoBud for headless EXCEL.
1976Opened US branch office in Cheney,Washington.
1979Began production of light-weight and student models.
1981Frypan model in production.
1983Established St. Louis branch office at Scotty's Music. Designed and began production of light-weight,full-featured steel guitar (SGI model).
1985Began production of Jerry Byrd Model Hawaiian Steel Guitars.
1986Began production of J.B.Frypan lap steel
1995Completely rebuilt FUZZY; new factory, recording studio, rehearsal halls

Master Builder

Mitsuo Fujii

Mitsuo Fujii

  • 1936 Born in Fukushima, Japan
  • 1954 Graduated Tohoku Technical High School; first encountered steel guitar.
  • 1956 First started playing country bands; Country Gentlemen,Mountain Playboys,Cimarrons,etc.
  • 1967 Established Fujii Electrical Instrument Factory and began selling steel guitars.
  • 1969 Designed manufactured the steel guitar which universal tuning single-neck 12-string with E9/B6 tuning shifter.
  • 1973 Published Fuzzy E9th Pedal Steel Guitar Course.
  • 1977 First performed at "Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention," St.Louis, Missouri,USA. Have performed every year since.
  • 1978 Produced Japan Steel Guitar Convention; special guests included Buddy Emmons, Jerry Byrd,DeWitt Scott.
  • 1979 Japan Steel Gutitar Convention;special guests included Doug Jernigan,DeWitt Scott.
  • 1982 Produced Japan Steel Guitar Convention; special guests included Buddy Emmons,DeWitt Scott.
  • 1987 Performed at the China Guitar Artist Festival; presented China with EXCEL pedal steel guitar.
  • 1994 Japan Steel Gutitar Convention; attended by Steve Paluesek, Randy Conor and DeWitt Scott.

Besides fabricating steel guitars, Mr.Fujii is currently active in a band called “Mitsuo Fujii & Three sons.”


Mitsuo Fujii solo CD now on sale!

Fujii Mitsuo Album

Moonlight Breeze & Steel Guitars

Mitsuo Fujii's long-awaited 1st album
Recorded in Nashville,TN
Feel the wonderful sound of EXCEL Superb

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Moonlight Waltz(Sample)

Lonesome Whistle(Sample)

Tennessee Moon(Sample)

Blue Jade(Sample)

Song Title

  • 01 Moonlight Waltz
  • 02 Long Black Limousine
  • 03 Lonesome Whistle
  • 04 Breeze
  • 05 Sweet Memories
  • 06 Green Sleaves
  • 07 Tennessee Moon (with Hank Sasaki)
  • 08 Slippery Elm
  • 09 I Really Don't Want To Know
  • 10 Release Me
  • 11 Hoopity Tow Step
  • 12 Blue Jade
  • 13 I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me
  • 14 Indian Love Call
  • 15 Oklahoma Stomp
  • 16 American Trilogy


  • Guitar - Gene Breeden
  • Bass - John Heinrich, Dave Sings, Jamie Bowls
  • Drums - Barry Wayne, Alvis Barnes
  • Keyboards - Jamie Bowls, Dave Sings
  • Fiddle - Jim Ungar
  • Saxophone, Flute, Dobro - John Heinrich
  • Guest Steel Guitarist - Bill Stafford
  • Guest Singer - Hank Sasaki
  • Guest Narrator - Doug Hall
  • Engineers - Gene Breeden, John Heinrich

Recorded at The Gene Breeden Studio, Nashville, TN
Recorded 2007-2009