2014 Superb(keyless model) is the latest model now shown on the GALLERY page.
This one features the newest keyless tuner and changer, achieving a higher accuracy and tone.
We now offer two-tone color: ex} Ocean Turquoise Blue and White like this picture.
We can manufacture a combination of colors if you would like.
Please feel free to contact us.

We posted new pictures of the Superb S10 on the GALLERY.
This model features a compact size, lighter weight, and lower height, making it easier for shorter musicians to play and carry. Women are especially attracted to the color stylings of this model.

The newest model of Superb (keyless model) has been completed.
In the newest tuner, you can fine-tune the tuning from the head side.
Also tuning (re-tension of the strings) is possible on the changer side--you do not need to replace the strings even if the strings become loose.
A special feature of our 2014 models is that they have high tuning accuracy and overwhelming lightness just like all our models.
We accept your order anytime.
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The Superb keyless models features a new and improved head.
Keyless tuning practically eliminates the problem of returning to pitch when raising and lowering the same string, especially when using thin plain strings.
Our new keyless tuning head is compatible with the previous model, so that it is possible to replace this part on our previous model, and step up to the advantages of keyless tuning.
Please contact FUZZY If you would like a replacement.
(Photos have been uploaded on our product information page.)

Updated the gallery page.
We've added new pictures of the guitar. Please check.

Updated the website. We will continue to provide information for new products, shipping status of used ones, and future events.